Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 1, Positive Psychology and TED talk.

This being my first post, I don't know what tone to take. I want to be serious and profound, but what would my audience want? Hell, I don't have an audience yet, to whether I am capable of being profound. So, what I'll do until I get feedback counter to, is talk as if I'm talking to myself. Well, maybe how I would talk to a peer I respected and was trying to convince.

Aside from not knowing how to start, I don't know where to start. There are thousands of psychological studies being performed in dozens on languages. The scope of this project is huge, but I think I can make it a life hobby.

So, lets start with happiness.

Apart from the epic charisma the presenter yields, he has some significant and serious points. The first problem he pokes fun at is the bedrock of all psychology. 


Statistics gives psychology credibility. Achor subtle points out how the human will to be published and to identify patterns can skew data. He also exposes the tendency of "The Cult of the Average."

Statiscs weeds out the exstrodanary and magnify the ordinary. 

Watch the video. You will be entertained. You may draw some new life lessons. The list at the end could help you transcend, founded in statically science (lol).

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