Friday, July 13, 2012

Marijuana's effect on working memory.

The sensory memory should be infront/before short-term memory.

The model above is a basic example of the current memory paradigm. We will probably rewrite everything we know about memory in a decade or two, but for now this is it.

The recent study published in Cell discovered that working memory is impaired by mary jane not through neurons, which were thought to be responsible for all neural activity as short as a decade ago, but  
through glial cells, which was previously thought to be the functionless "glue" for neurons.

Working memory as it is currently understood, is very indicative of intelligence and skill acquiring ability. However, my personal experience and some biased memory recall of forgotten articles leads me to believe that reducing working memory, or in other words cutting out "noise," increase our ability to learn new skills. 
It also has, in my subjective experience, allowed me to reach a state of flow easier and willfully. I believe that flow experience is ideal and arguably required for reaching a mastery skill level at any activity. Its hard to do something 10,000 hours without losing a sense of time. I will do a few posts on flow in the future. It is a very interesting.

I've gotten off topic.

Summery: Glial cells are affected by Mary Jane which affects working memory. Impaired working memory can be both positive and negative. Working memory impairment can induce flow. Weed is psychological addictive in the same way sex, food, and any other dopamine triggering activity. No one was ever died from droski. Take a second and reflect on whether or not smoking in a part of a positive habit cycle, or if its a cog in a negative habitual cycle.

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